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Baoshan district water
Company introduction
The customer respect. Hello,Thank you for your presence on the ocean to meet trade co., LTD,Our company deals in bottled water distribution12Years,With more than one in Shanghai pudong and puxi water station,At the same time operating a variety of brands of bottled water。The company sales nongfu spring、Ice dew、Ganten water, etc,The quality is the sales of bottled water、Provide the invoice、Considerate service!
The customer can provide value-added tax invoices、Commercial invoice。Payment can be brought to transfer、WeChat/Pay treasure to transfer。Quantity is with preferential treatment,Please inquire for details!
Water lines:1500008475013122082432
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The distribution area
Baoshan districtHongkou districtZhabeiPutuo districtJing'an DistricHuangpu districtXuhui districtChangning districtLuwan districtMinhang districtPudong districtYangpu districtJiading districtQingpu districtFengxian districtNanhui districtSongjiang districtJinshan district
Discount activity
A、Companies in order to better service the vast number of old and new customers,Introduced the following preferential activities:
1Buy it10Zhang water vote to send1Zhang water vote;
2Purchase20Zhang presented a empty barrels a water vote;
3Purchase30Zhang water tickets free5Zhang water vote;
4Purchase40Zhang presented a desktop warm water dispenser water vote1Taiwan;
5Purchase50Zhang water tickets free7Zhang water vote;
6Purchase60Zhang presented a vertical tepid water dispenser water vote1Taiwan;
7Purchase100Zhang water vote present common vertical ice hot water dispenser1Taiwan;
8Purchase100A vertical tepid water dispenser water vote given beauty1Taiwan;
9Purchase200A vertical ice hot water dispenser water vote given beauty1Taiwan;
10Containing water to buy10Box to send1Box,Buy more, get more!
2、Family meal service:
Package1Desktop warm water dispenser,Gal1Only ice bucket,Add a bucket of ice dew water158Yuan;
Package2Vertical tepid water dispenser,Gal1Only ice bucket,Add a bucket of ice dew water188Yuan;
Package3Vertical ice hot water dispenser,Add an ice bucket,Add a bucket of ice dew water328Yuan。
Contact us
On the ocean to meet trade co., LTD
Headquarters address:Shanghai baoshan district spring road100Number
Water lines:1500008475013122082432
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